AG-362 Industrial Coating Gun

Built to the same superior specification as the AG-361 automatic guns but with the addition of a quick detachable manifold base. This allows the gun to be quickly and easily removed for maintenance, cleaning, or change-over without disturbing the positional settings. On re-attaching, the fluid and air can be turned back on and the gun is instantly in the right location ready for operation. A lever-operated cam version allows very fast removal and replacement of the gun during the production process.

Professional spray equipment for universal superior performance. Using the acknowledged market-leading low-Pressure Air Atomization technology from DeVilbiss, the AG-360 series has been developed to provide a blend of finish quality, engineering robustness, and superior transfer efficiency.

The AG-360 Auto gun Series from DeVilbiss is available in various gun formats to provide an all-encompassing and universal automatic finishing solution for all applications.

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