Ransflex Electrostatic Gun

Advanced RansFlex Finishing Applicators Integrate The Best of Both Worlds Ransburg® Electrostatics With Legendary DeVilbiss Atomization Technology. Smaller, Lighter weight RansFlex RX and RFX applicators feature enhanced, proprietary cascade and atomization technology. These advancements provide a compact applicator with the equivalent – or better – performance and transfer efficiency of higher voltage competitive guns

The RansFlex Quick Fan Adjust applicator is an air-atomizing electrostatic applicator powered by an onboard generator that provides best-in-class atomization in a lightweight, user-friendly applicator. The RFQ and RFQX both offer superior finish quality surpassing competitors’ larger, higher voltage applicators in small compact sizes.

The new “Quick Fan Adjust” button allows operators to easily go from a large to a small fan pattern by simply depressing the button located on the side of the gun. this new feature allows the operator to keep the line moving, increasing production.

Ransburg RansFlex RFXW Electrostatic Waterborne Direct Charge.

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